American Museum of Natural History

Various Exhibits
American Museum of Natural History

While at the American Museum of Natural History, Molly and Joey collaborated to create many memorable exhibits.

You Bend Space Time: An interactive projection created for the Einstein exhibition that allows visitors to see their own gravitational fields.

Galactic Armillary
: A sculpture that shows the precise location of the Museum in the universe at the moment that the new atrium entrance was unveiled.

Calendar Clocks: An installation for the Einstein exhibit that shows the relationship of time and space.

Moveable Museum: An interactive that shows visitors how to use a telescope.

Mutation Station: An interactive sculpture created for the Genome exhibition that allows visitors to explore the double helix.

Inside a Pearl: Created for the Pearls exhibition, this interactive allows visitors to virtually travel inside a pearl, viewing the structure with increased magnification.

Petra: A three screen projection for the Petra exhibition with scenes from the ancient city.

Shackleton: An interactive created for the Shackleton exhibition that allows visitors to take a reading with a sextant across an animation of rolling seas.

Walking T-Rex: A fully functional robotic model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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