hallock state park preserve


Moey designed and fabricated the interpretive exhibits for the newly opened Hallock State Park Preserve Visitor Center.  Early in the process a town meeting was held for the public to showcase the design intent.  Ultimately the Visitor Center and its exhibits opened and turned out beautifully.  Sadly, one exhibit element that was cut along the way was a re-creation of the historically significant "Eat Long Island Potatoes" car.  But, in this article Moey will forever be associated with the car!   

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Moey's Interactive Garden

The Interactive Garden installation is a visually and aurally appealing structure driven by proximity and emotion. The Garden is 24 feet long and supports various 3D-printed flowers that change color and produce music when someone walks by it. These self-illuminated flowers emit light from motion-controllable LED’s and generate music, creating a unique soundscape. As people interact with the Garden, a self-composed piece of music is produced, creating a dynamic experience that becomes more layered as interaction increases. The Garden blends arresting imagery with interaction, resulting in an intriguing audiovisual experience.


Game of Thrones Exhibition begins


The Game of Thrones exhibition launches its world tour in Toronto next week. The exhibit features a Moey-designed Battle of Blackwater Bay experience. Fans of the books and HBO series take note: the exhibit will be travelling to New York, Sao Paolo, Amsterdam, and Belfast.

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CBS news visits MoMath


Mo Rocca of CBS Sunday Morning visited MoMath and talked with museum founders Glen Whitney and Cindy Lawrence. He is seen here learning about Harmony of Spheres, a Moey built and engineered interactive sculpture that demonstrates the intervals between musical notes when touched.

See the whole segment and the Harmony of Spheres in action here:

Robofrog in Wall Street Journal


Moey's collaborative Robotic frog project was mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article about the increasing use of robotics in scientific field research. The Robofrog mimics real frog behavior and attracts frogs to a study site so that scientists can observe them.

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"American Spirits" opens at the NCC


The National Constitution Center's new exhibit "American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition" opened today to critical acclaim. Moey had the honor of creating three pieces for the new exhibition: an interactive speakeasy door that invites visitors to try knocking on the bar door to see if they make the cut, a photo line-up that allows visitors to take their photo with famous gangsters of the era, and the highlight of the show Wayne Wheeler's Amazing Amendment Machine, a mechanical theater that tells the story of how this controversial amendment came to pass.

The exhibition runs from October 18th, 2012 to April 28th, 2013.

A video is also available on the New York Times website of the amendment machine in motion.