connected worlds

A/V Integration and Show Control
Exhibit at New York Hall of Science

Connected Worlds is an immersive, highly interactive new exhibit created by Design I/O for the New York Hall of Science. Moey was honored to do the AV integration and show control for this technically sophisticated project and to collaborate with Design I/O and NYSCI to bring it to life.   

In Connected Worlds, six ecosystems share a supply of water that comes from a stunning 38 foot high virtual waterfall. By positioning “logs” within the space, water can be directed to the six different environments. With water in an environment, the visitor can then hold their hands up to choose seeds, then drop their hands to plant them. With plants come animals. The animals can be played with, shooed away or coaxed. With plants and animals come yet new seeds and new animals. When the water goes away the environment withers and dies. Visitors experience the interconnectedness between the different environments, and see how their actions have an impact on the world around them. This exhibit is a delight to all who experience it. 

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