Cyberchase and crack codes

Interactive Exhibits
Children's Museum of Houston

Mathematical abstracts--how big is one million, what is a square root--are difficult to understand for adults. For children, the story needs to be further simplified. for the Children's Museum of Houston, Moey designed the interface for 2 travelling exhibits that brought math from the abstract to the tangible.

Using characters from the PBS show, children are encouraged to chase down "Hacker" who is trying to attack "Motherboard" with a virus. To catch Hacker, kids are told they have to work together to add one million spins on a bicycle or arm-cycle wheel. This Moey-built and programmed installation tracks several months of cycling until Hacker is "caught" and children come to understand the large size of "one million".

Crack Codes
In this exhibition kids are told that Hacker has made a virus, and that they must solve simple math problems to crack the code to stop its launch.

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