Interactive exhibits
Children's Museum of Houston

This sprawling 6,000 square foot interactive space allows children to experience "grownup" life in a miniature city. One of the most popular features of Kidtropolis is the Moey-developed banking system. Upon entrance, each child gets an "ATM card", with $20 in checking and $20 in savings, and is able to earn money in different jobs and spend money at different stores. The debits and credits are calculated throughout the child's experience, and "money" is accessible from Moey-designed and built ATMs. While real-world ATMs are not appropriate places for lessons in money, savings, or banking, the Kidtropolis ATMs are wildly popular for families because they make it possible for many of those lessons to finally be taught. Moey also developed the CMS (content management system), for the 42 networked computers that run Kidtropolis, which both the museum and Moey is able to modify and control.

Interpretation and design by Argyle Design, Inc.

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