Mystery of the Mayan Medallion

Interactive Sculpture
Arkansas Discovery Network

Moey created two interactive pieces to help bring to life this traveling children's educational exhibit about Mayan history, archeology, biology and even astromathematics. Students are asked to uncover the mystery of an archealogical dig site to help find a priceless treasure.

Treasure glyphs
At the end of the exhibit, the hidden treasure is found only if the students have paid attention to the Mayan glyphs throughout the exhibit. Students approach a wall that features a series of Mayan glyphs. When students touch the correct four glyphs, the treasure is revealed. Moey built the custom sensors and electronics to make the archaeological achievement a convincingly real experience for the children.

Spider bite
Children were warned that certain dangers lurked in the exhibition. In one wall, in which the treasure may have been hidden, a surprise awaited: a simulated "bite" from a freya spider, common to Central and South America. The "bite" was actually a Moey-built burst of air from a silent pneumatic pump that was connected to an LED that simultaneously revealed information about the freya.

Interpretation and design by Argyle Design, Inc.

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