Easy orientation for visitors

The Things-To-Do Kiosk is an interest-based visitor orientation system with a quick and simple interface, and a content management system (CMS) that staff can easily update. When visitors use it, they choose an icon from an array on a home screen. Next, they see activities related to their choice. The Kiosk is perfect for outdoor parks, with choices of hiking trails, attractions, and types of recreation, but it can also be customized for museums and other settings, with exhibits, programs, events, cafe options, and so on. Because the CMS is centralized, multiple kiosks can be connected to it: visitors can stop to find their next interest at any time. Got another idea for it? Give us a call.

Update your offerings

An intuitive content management system makes it easy to update offerings. The kiosk at Green Lakes State Park provides a wide variety of activities, which staff changes seasonally, occasionally adding new ones.

Change the look

The Things To Do Kiosk is a digital unit that fits in a custom-built furniture piece. For Minnewaska we used recovered red oak for the frame and gave the whole module a floating appearance.

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