Grafton Lakes State Park

September 2018New York State Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation, Grafton, NY

What can you do for your neighbors in nature?

Grafton Lakes is a 2,500-acre state park with six glacial ponds in New York’s Capital Region. The region was heavily forested in the state’s logging era, and is now populated and economically vibrant. The park provides a “backyard” for the Region that protects the forest and the diversity of life within it. To raise people’s awareness of the park’s biodiversity and their own opportunities to protect it, Moey created a multi-generational exhibit in the park’s new visitor center. The exhibit sets an array of interactives and displays in a built representation of the park’s habitats, and features a 500 gallon turtle tank.

How to make a home for a turtle

The painted turtle at Grafton was a beloved feature. To give it a new home, and set in the context of an interpretive ecology display, we built supportive engineering and rigged specialized plumbing for water filtration. The whole chassis is accessible through a side door.

How to work underground

The nature sculpture at Grafton is outfitted with multiple interactives and interpretive engagements. We built a portion of its side as a slide-out panel in order to access interactive hardware and tech wiring. When closed, the panel blends in seamlessly.

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