Green Lakes Environmental Education Center

September 2018New York State Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation, Fayetteville, NY

Where do science and wonder meet?

Scientists have been studying the lakes of Green Lakes State Park since the 1830s, and they are still mystifying. Green Lakes is also home to vast old-growth forests, and has a history that connects the Erie Canal, Great Depression and WWII. When a 1940s boat house was converted into an Environmental Education Center, Moey designed and built exhibits for a hall that frequently doubles as a gathering and event space. The exhibit packs a density of interactivity and information into a moveable table with a 3D map of the park. Additional interactives and displays appear on rails that are attractive while clean and simple.

How to pack a drawer

The centerpiece at Green Lakes is a table with pull-out drawers. Each drawer is carefully fitted with interpretive materials inside, including this diorama of lake ecology. To get the fit right we first built the table in our shop. Then we disassembled it, packed it for transport, and reassembled every piece onsite.

How to mark a landscape

Moey made a topographic model of the park for the top of the centerpiece table. To orient visitors to the landscape we produced embossed plates with lake names, hiking trails, and on, and secured them during installation. The approach made production and fabrication highly efficient.


Exhibition design

Graphic design



Project management

Concept development

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