Health Inside Out

April 2022Exploration Place, Wichita, KS

How do we enjoy our health?

Health Inside Out is a fun-time arcade where families learn about being healthy through rides, games, and amusements. Its presence in the 2,500sf Grand Hall has transformed an underutilized space into a must-do destination at the hub of the Exploration Place building. Visitors grab vaccine hammers to play Whack-A-Virus, and aim for healthy targets in Nutrition Skeeball. They ride an Emotional Roller Coaster through their feelings, fly a real helicopter ambulance, and much more. Being healthy makes it possible to experience life. Learning about it should be fun.

How to over-engineer a whoopee cushion

To introduce gut health we made a four-seater whoopee cushion that dares families to fart together. Of course real whoopee cushions wouldn’t hold up in a science center. So we designed an electromechanical replica with a sensitive seat plate and trigger switch. Then we built four of them to interact with a database of extremely audible toots and blasts.

How to have a heart

The role-play helicopter ambulance has a cockpit and a rear cabin, where kids find an organ cooler in addition to a patient on a gurney. Inside the cooler are life-like organs for transplant. Moey casted the organs, and then carefully refined them with scalpels until they were ready for coats of paint and standoffs that anchor them in modeled ice.

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