Hempstead Lake State Park Environmental Education and Resiliency Center

August 2021New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Hempstead, NY

How can people and nature work together?

Hempstead Lake is a created body of water. It is inland on Long Island, but it is part of a natural watershed that extends to the Atlantic Ocean and has been made more resilient through State and Federal efforts. These efforts focus on storm mitigation and recovery abilities, and employ a broad mix of eco-friendly strategies, including restored wetlands and replanted fields. As a result the watershed’s biodiversity is increasing and this further improves the area’s resilience. This human-ecology partnership is the subject of the Center’s dynamically interactive exhibit, designed by Moey and built by Chicago Scenic. Visitors explore new engineering, flourishing habitats, and mutual overlaps between the two.

How to deal with trash

One effort at Hempstead is a collection of interventions that keep litter out of the lake. Through several meetings with Cashin Associates engineers we learned about outfall pipes, catchment nets, constructed wetlands, and much more. We simplified an understanding of these systems and illustrated them in a narrative info-graphic advocating for less litter in the first place.

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