Injection Simulator

January 2020Ipsen Group, Distributed Locations

How close to perfect can practice get you ?

Ipsen is a biopharmaceutical group committed to discovering new solutions for targeted diseases and improvements in patient quality-of-life. To make complex injections more accurate, as in cervical dystonia or spasticity, the Injection Simulator was developed to give healthcare workers opportunities to safely practice. The Simulator pairs a soft surface on a mannequin’s body with a technology-enabled syringe and video screen. When practitioners insert the syringe into the soft surface, they see a 3D anatomy visualization on screen and receive real-time alerts about their work inside the body. The syringe and interface were designed in collaboration with Blue Telescope.

How to inject programming

Certain injections need to reach specific targets deep in the body. To help trainees learn to navigate the inner-body space we added a 3D positioning system to a syringe. The system coordinates with a 3D visualization of human anatomy, allowing trainees to see where they are in relation to their targets and anatomical structures around them.

How to make a traveling torso

The Injection Simulator is essentially the heart of an educational program. To make it able to travel from one classroom to another, whether in the same building or across the country, we made the Simulator a self-contained rolling unit. The key is a small pivot on the base that allows the torso to duck inside secure box.


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