Interactive Garden

January 2013Multiple Locations

How does surprise become delight?

The Interactive Garden is an alluring composition of 3D printed flowers that respond to people’s proximity and motion. As visitors approach, the Garden responds with sound and light, producing tones and colors that reflect the visitor’s actions. And the Garden reveals new rewards for duration and audience size, changing its tones, colors and luminosity with longer stays, larger crowds and more engagement. The Garden has appeared at numerous corporate events and similar venues, including Adobe’s Max Bash and the Macy’s Flower Show. Able to reach twenty-four feet long and feature 100 interactive flowers, the Interactive Garden has been creatively reconfigured each time to suit its host environments.

How to print a flower

Before the flowers could look pretty in a garden, we had to make them. Each one needed to be light-weight but robust and able to house colorful LEDs and motion-sensor technology. 3D printing was the obvious answer. First, we created digital models of our flowers. Then we grew them with software and ABS filament plastic.

How to hide a speaker

The auditory experience with the Interactive Garden is part of it power. To get the sound right, we identified high quality speakers with a slim build, making them easy to conceal in a layer of undergrowth. Each appearance of the Garden is tailored to fit its environment. For the outdoor version at Max Bash, we used mossy ground cover that dealt better with potential wind.



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