Johnnie Walker Tasting Table

July 2014Havas Worldwide, Austin, TX

What’s the best way to share a drink?

The House of Walker event gathered more than 1,700 people over five nights in 2014. As part of the event, Moey worked with Havas Worldwide to create an interactive, communal Tasting Table for invite-only guests. When they arrived, guests were given intriguing cards, which fit into slots at their place settings. The cards prompted mystifying changes in the table’s appearance, along with information about each whiskey they were served in a series. Guests were also invited to link their cards to social media accounts. Using simple buttons on their place settings, guests then shared on their accounts without reaching for their phones: the experience was shared without interruption.

How to set a table everywhere

We built the Tasting Table in locking modular sections with neutral density plexy over the video monitors. This made it lightweight for travel and easy to configure for the needs of each event. Twenty-four people could sit together, or twelve and twelve at two tables, and so on. The locks and monitor frames were concealed and each table setting appeared complete.

How to make smoke seamless

When a Master of Whiskey mentioned the taste of smoke, a plume of smoke traveled across the table from end to end. The same happened with vanilla, citrus fruits, and more. To make a seamless thirty-foot picture right under people’s noses, we networked twelve computers for a synchronized output with incredible resolution - more than 3 x 4K.

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