Kidtropolis and Powerplay

February 2009Children's Museum of Houston, TX

How do we become responsible people?

For the Children’s Museum of Houston Moey has made several experiences across a number of exhibits, including two that tie whole exhibits together. In Kidtropolis, a tiny town, kids engage with an interactive banking system that pays them for their role-play jobs, processes dposits and withdrawals through play ATMs - PlayTMs © - and allows them to spend money in various stores and locations. In Powerplay, kids get physical across three stories of exercise activities. By entering their height, weight, heart rate and other information, they personalize their experience, track their fitness, and produce real results.

How to give kids money all day

Money is at the heart of Kidtropolis, where kids learn about money by handling it. To give them a grown-up experience Moey designed and built PlayTMs © from robust materials and tested them a thousand times. Like any ATM, the PlayTM © seems simple from the outside - a couple mouse-down commands, and voila, cash! Moey simplified it on the inside too, to make it easy to maintain. The PlayTM © is now a Moey product. Check out our product page for more info.

How to wire a TV studio

In one area of Kidtropolis, kids work together in a TV studio to produce a broadcast. To enable the collaborative role-play, we wired together five computer consoles and a broadcast camera in a self-contained network, all turned on in the morning by one switch. For safety reasons, we did this in the dark.




Graphic design

User testing


Concept development

Industrial design

A/V Integration

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