December 2011Museum of Mathematics, New York, NY

Where does math meet our lives?

The Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) is dedicated to increasing people’s understanding and appreciation of math. As a centerpiece for its main exhibit gallery, Moey created Harmony of the Spheres, a sculptural interactive that inspires visitors in the connections between math and music. By touching illuminated spheres, visitors create audible harmonies together, and observe their visual progressions and patterns. Additionally, Moey created Math Square, Formula Morph, Sixth Sense and Logo Generator. Through games, hands-on engagement and interactive art, visitors explore fractals, algorithms, shapes, symmetry and much more.

How to ask find out what's working

MoMath is dedicated to reaching young people, among other audiences, and knows that much of what it's communicating is highly complex. To make sure everyone can meaningfully engage we user-tested all our exhibit pieces in our studio; not just for functionality, but also for educational outcomes.

How to choose a font

The Math Square floor is 324 tiles of fun, but before we built it, we made a 16-tile sample for testing purposes, along with a prototype version of the software that would ultimately run it. Rather than making best guesses on our desktop computers, our testing at actual scale made it possible to make important choices, including which fonts could quickly be read by participants enjoying a game.





Interaction design

Graphic design


Concept development

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