World Cup Scoreboard

July 2014Audi, New York, NY

What can art do for sports?

For the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final, car maker Audi commissioned the assembly of a massive sculpture on New York City's East River: a towering array of shipping containers holding twenty-eight Audi A8 vehicles. The headlights, directed at Manhattan, were arranged to make numbers, as in a digital clock. Every time a goal was scored, the sculpture updated, alerting all of Manhattan’s East Side with a blazing show. Moey created the sculpture’s software and interface, which also allowed for non-scoreboard luxury effects, and engineered its power and wiring.

How to hack a car

Rather than hire twenty-eight drivers, we hot wired twenty-eight cars. Audi gave us access to its proprietary technology, and we collaborated with their engineers to rewire and connect it to two control panels in a central room. The software we designed allowed the cars' lights to be controlled by a single operator with a simple interface.

How to build a scoreboard

If you've seen a digital alarm clock from the 1980s, then you're familiar with the seven-segment display, a technology that dates back to the telegraph era. To create the World Cup Scoreboard, Audi vehicles in open shipping containers were carefully stacked to compose the display. Scaffolding then gave us access to wire the vehicles into our custom software.



Conceptual design

A/V integration

Electromechanical engineering

Project management

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