Energy Lab

August 2010Army National Guard, Traveling Exhibit

When does the future begin?

Designed in support of President Obama’s “Educate to Innovate” mission, the Energy Lab enables the Army National Guard to bring STEM learning about alternative energy sources to high school youth across the U.S. Visitors first view a film inside a shipping container theater, and then, in a pop-up tent, engage with interactive games that explore the possibilities of wind, water, sun, and earth in producing energy. Real results are seen in the simulated city of Enegrytown. The entire experience, which debuted in Alexandria, VA, packs up and travels on one eighteen wheeler.

How to make waves

In the water component of the Energy Lab, visitors make waves in a digital ocean by shifting their balance on a platform. Energy from the waves is sent to Energycity in real-time. To make it work, we hid a Wii balance board under the platform. But first we hacked its motherboard and drilled into its narrow frame so we could wire it as needed.

How to pack a suitcase

Energy Lab was made for the Army National Guard to reach as many youth as possible. Each visit is a couple days in one location, and then it's back on the truck. Moey customized cases for the exhibit's travel that perfectly fit its pieces, protected them on bumpy roads, and made them easy to identify for each installation and breakdown.





Graphic design

Exhibition design

A/V integration

Concept development


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