Global Network Operations Center

February 2008AT&T Corporate Headquarters, Bedminster, NJ

What makes a network work?

AT&T is a global leader in connecting people with who and what they love. By showing what the company does for its customers, AT&T raises its profile among top level clients and elevates awareness among company executives at its corporate briefing center in Bedminster, NJ. When AT&T upgraded the briefing center to meet technology’s accelerating changes, Moey was brought onboard to create a suite of playful environmental interactives, including extensive multi-touch tables where visitors explore together the technical principles that make consumer technologies work, and a dynamic game played on a shared circular screen where players make connections between parts of a business in data-driven “ecosystem.”

How to get the right glow

Representing a global network requires a big gesture, but in a narrow, space something too grandiose can easily overwhelm. We needed to make sure we got the glow just right. Once we built and installed the circular frame, we played with the backlighting onsite until it was balanced.

How to set a table

With a wave or a tap at GNOC, visitors can reveal the hidden networks that traffic our communications. To make this sorcery believable, we programmed a network of our own: software responds instantaneously to people's gestures, and coordinates with projections from overhead. To make sure the whole thing functioned in its actual environment, we built and tested it onsite.




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