Mobile Media Viewer

May 2019Google Unskippable Labs, New York, NY

How does where you are affect what you see?

Unskippable Labs is a Google initiative that helps businesses take branding and marketing to new heights. At its location in New York, NY, Unskippable Labs immerses marketers and executives in the latest insights and trends. The Mobile Media Viewer gives advertisers an opportunity to experience how people’s real-life settings can impact their attention to important pushes from companies. Inside the Viewer, participants provided with mobile devices are transported to life-like scenarios by fully immersive video screens. Meanwhile, a facilitator guides them through the experience, helping them see what they may have missed on their devices, resulting in personal insights for effective design discussions.

How to create a distraction

The Mobile Media Viewer relies on participants feeling immersed in an everyday environment with lots of distractions. To achieve this we produced videos in a park and living room. For the park scene we found a spot with many layers of visual information, including a waterfall in the background: an excellent stage for a very distracting experience. This still is from one tile of an extensive panorama that wrapped the Lab's environment.

How to get started

Participants in the Mobile Media Viewer use an app on a pre-loaded mobile device. The app coordinates with the immersive video and entire facilitated experience. To make app intuitive to use while not drawing attention to itself, we designed very simple iconography.




Graphic design

A/V integration

Concept development

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