Nokia Tech Display

September 2019Nokia Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ

How fast is fast?

Nokia is a leader in creating the 5G networks that are rapidly connecting our lives. Companies that visit Nokia at its Future X Labs space are interested in what 5G can do for them. The tech display greets executives and engineers at the entrance and gives them a quick overview in two facilitated parts. First, it provides a "welcome" that is tailored to their company. Next, it engages gesture-based, multiplayer interactivity with network simulations. Finally, the display can be converted to an ambient one, enlivening the entryway for staff and other visitors. The entire display is commanded by an intuitive app on a tablet.

How to tile a monitor

The Nokia display is sixteen feet wide by five feet tall. To make it easier to maintain, we divided it into tiled louvres that can be accessed by staff at any time. To make sure animation and programming played across the tiles seamlessly, we tried disassembling them to see what would happen.

How to track gestures

For the interactive portion of the display guests wave their arms or move their whole bodies. To ensure our chosen sensor worked, we set one up in our office to follow our Moey staff all day for several weeks. The responsive results were projected on an office wall.

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